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Chris Webb

This is Chris Webb’s home page. The best way to contact me is by email to You can also follow me as @dairychris on Twitter, or find me on Facebook.

Free software

A number of my free software projects are available on GitHub and mirrored on BitBucket. You might be looking for:

Other bits and pieces including a Bayesian spam filter, paragliding scripts, Yamaha synthesiser stuff, and Arachsys Linux package trees can be found amongst my public GitHub repositories and gists.

Please contact me by email with any comments, bug reports or proposed patches, rather than using GitHub web-based pull requests or issues.

Farming life

I’m a beef farmer and calf rearer in North Shropshire. I tweet photographs, occasional rants about agricultural technology, and general updates on the cattle and my day-to-day farming exploits as @dairychris on Twitter.

Curve25519 public key

My long-term public identity is the elliptic curve point represented in OpenSSH format as ssh-ed25519 AAAAC3NzaC1lZDI1NTE5AAAAIMHPkQPn4+cxxP2Ax29Ozhkvu7Vp0KMlPAncD6fFmqCb and in base64-encoded X25519 form as cyUynIqlEg8JL96nxStP4LKfECrYomQXrAdC6jurVwE=.

I use the corresponding private key to sign releases and git tags, and to authenticate myself more generally.