Chris Webb

New Year dairy update

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Farming 2013-01-01

This post is one of a series featured in Farmers Guardian while I took part in the Fresh Start Dairy Academy, a farm business training and mentoring course for new entrants into dairy farming.

Well, I still haven’t put myself off! The more I do this job, the more I love it. The past few years of part-time farm work have flown by.

This coming year, I’m going spend every minute I can working on-farm, continue to train myself up, and make the most of any opportunities that might take me closer to my own milking herd.

Lucia in the long grass

The enthusiasm of the Dairy Academy speakers and participants has been infectious and inspiring. We’ve been given lots of encouragement, and shown various routes into farming which might be more accessible for us than traditional tenancies or buying outright.

The idea of a farming joint venture particularly appeals to me. I’ve enjoyed working with business partners before, and even my first web-hosting company was started from my Cambridge student room with a friend. Neither of us had a clue about running a business, but it was easier and more enjoyable to learn the ropes with a co-conspirator!

If I teamed up with a farmer looking to take a step back, I’m in a position to invest external income to progress the business and grow the herd. I would be able to enthusiastically shoulder the lion’s share of the day-to- day work including all those cold, wet, early mornings, but still benefit from the expertise and guidance of a much more experienced pair of hands.

Roll on 2013 and the rest of the Dairy Academy!